The right PA system for your event

We get so many people email asking how much is a PA system to hire but with the multitude of options available, including various types, sizes, power capabilities, and other variables, it's crucial to select the appropriate PA system tailored to its intended use.

At Jam Productions, we offer an extensive range of PA systems and complement them with a vast selection of professional microphones from renowned brands like Sennheiser and Shure, catering to various needs such as lectern, instrument, and vocal applications, along with a large stock of radio mics.

Our stock comprises top-tier brands in the industry such as Electro Voice, Martin Audio, QSC, Midas, and Yamaha, ensuring high-quality sound production and mixing capabilities.


For smaller scale events, we provide compact 8" speakers using a mix of both active and passive, ideal for conferences, speeches, monitors and stage fills.

Medium sized PA systems deliver a louder, fuller sound suitable for larger events like awards ceremonies, gala dinners, and live performers, bands, DJs can also be enhanced with subs for deeper bass and impact.

For larger events, we deploy expanded speaker setups, sometimes flown on truss above the crowd, strategically delaying the PA system to ensure optimal sound distribution throughout the venue. Additionally, we utilise state of the art Line Array PA systems mainly used for conferences, prioritising crystal-clear audio and rapid setup.

Beyond utilising speaker systems for our events and providing event support, we offer dry hire services exclusively to trade customers only. Get in touch with us today for your PA requirements.

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