Awards/Gala Dinners

Elevate your corporate events with Jam Productions! Our award ceremonies and Gala dinners are designed to unite employees, with a night of celebration and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Whether it's an awards dinner integrated into your annual conference or a charitable Gala dinner, Jam Productions excels in curating and executing flawless events.

Count on us to create an unforgettable experience with impeccable technical delivery, featuring breathtaking lighting, crystal-clear audio, and captivating set and stage designs that enhance the enjoyment of your winners' special moments.

Planning a Gala dinner or Awards evening? Look no further – Jam Productions is here to provide you with a customised quote. Let us turn your event into a remarkable celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

Awards Gala Dinner

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"Amazing night, thank you all so much. You were right about the bigger screen, it made a huge impact and so glad we had it. The entertainment was the best and Ben Hanlin was a huge surprise. Such a great night, thank you. Hope you all enjoyed the doughnuts we left you!"

Krispy Kreme

Greener Events

The events sector is renowned for its use of energy-intensive equipment. At Jam Productions, we've implemented significant changes in our event approach, actively reducing our carbon footprint. We prioritise eco-friendly alternatives, incorporating energy-efficient projectors/displays, LED lighting, lower power processing, and streamlined cable setups through modern, environmentally conscious solutions. Proudly contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Jam Productions delivering greener events