Coventry Events

Coventry holds a special place in Jam Productions' history, being a city where we operated a lot during the early 1990s and still do today. Our involvement was delivering vibrant live entertainment across numerous venues, often featuring high-profile performers, not only within Coventry City area itself but also in the surrounding areas.

Over the years, we have orchestrated conferences and gala dinners of varying scales, utilising venues such as Coventry Cathedral, Coventry Building Society Arena and Coombe Abbey Hotel. Our services ranged from tailor-made stage sets to star cloths, video production, lighting arrangements, high quality audio systems and the best entertainment and celebrity hosts.

With its array of distinctive venues and diverse accommodations, Coventry offers an ideal hub for guests attending conferences, gala dinners, weddings, or any live event. Its central location facilitates easy travel arrangements, ensuring convenience for all attendees.

Coombe abbey event hire Production

Venues we LOVE!

We have done many conferences, gala dinners and awards ceremonies at some of the best venues in Coventry and the surrounding area. This is including PA and Lighting hire and full event production. Below are some of our favourite venues in the area:

  • - Coventry Building Society Arena -

  • - Coombe Abbey Hotel - 

  • - Village Hotel Coventry - 

  • - Remada Hotel -

  • - Forest of Arden -